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Donnie Wahlberg: Today- Someone will tell you that you can't do something. You decide if that is true or not. Its not about "CAN" you. It's about "WILL" you.
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Im so stoked! My friend [personal profile] myx gave me 2 months paid service! Now I can upload all my icons and stuff! Hell yeah! Thank you!

About to start listing on eBay. I am setting up my auctions for my music store idea. Opened the new account, setup a new paypal account for it as well as a new savings account for it. I have items ready to go and doing some other stuff to help get stock for my store. Once I get my listings going and my first feedbacks on that account I will be able to open the eBay store.

I already made a logo, well more like one to hold me over until I can a. come up with a better one or b. hire someone to design one for me. I like the purples but I think it kind of sucks.

Okay off I go for now. Time to start listing =D


May. 25th, 2009 06:25 pm
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My friend [personal profile] myx has finally arrived!! She has started a photography community and made me a mod there. This should be fun! I love photography, but for the longest time now my heart hasn't been in it. Im working to change that though because I used photography as a way to release negative energy. Anyway, I would like everyone to come and join us at [community profile] altfoto!

Once I get more of Dream Width figured out I will start posting some of my past photography. Not very good at it, but I liked it. Some of it I had posted over at Lens Babies forum and it didn't go over well.

I also need a new camera. Since Crue Fest 2008 where DJ Ashba soaked me with his water bottle my camera hasn't been working the same. Having issues with some of the buttons not always wanting to work. Sucks because the camera was only a couple of months old at that time haha. I miss that day, had so much fun.
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Im working on starting my own online music thrift store. Most everything will be used but there will be some cool new stuff as well. Depends on where and what I find. But right now I need to find someone who can help me design a kick ass logo for it. It will be on eBay for a little while until I build up enough money to have someone help me setup my own website (Unless sales do really well then I will just stick with an eBay store and auctions). Im pretty stoked about the idea.
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LiveJournal has lost its coolness. Communities are pretty much dead and people don't really seem to be looking to make new friends. It feels good to be at a new place where I can start fresh and display my creative work graphically and photographically. Besides being able to make some new friends, and hopefully share my musical taste with them.

I will say, I couldn't be here without someone being kind enough to give me an invite code. A special thanks goes out to them.

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