May. 23rd, 2009

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LiveJournal has lost its coolness. Communities are pretty much dead and people don't really seem to be looking to make new friends. It feels good to be at a new place where I can start fresh and display my creative work graphically and photographically. Besides being able to make some new friends, and hopefully share my musical taste with them.

I will say, I couldn't be here without someone being kind enough to give me an invite code. A special thanks goes out to them.
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Im working on starting my own online music thrift store. Most everything will be used but there will be some cool new stuff as well. Depends on where and what I find. But right now I need to find someone who can help me design a kick ass logo for it. It will be on eBay for a little while until I build up enough money to have someone help me setup my own website (Unless sales do really well then I will just stick with an eBay store and auctions). Im pretty stoked about the idea.

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